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Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

Few sights in the world rival the majestic beauty of Moraine Lake, renowned as one of Canada's most exquisitely beautiful natural wonders. With this panoramic print, you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking vista of the lake's vivid blue waters, serenely cradled by the towering peaks of this iconic location. Let the tranquility of this stunning scene grace your space and experience a piece of Canada's pristine wilderness in all its glory.

The Diasec finish adds a layer of protection to the print, shielding it from environmental factors and ensuring its longevity. With its vivid and dynamic hues, the print comes to life, making it your window to the natural wonder of Moraine Lake.

The large version of this art piece, measuring 50 by 90 cm, is available in a limited series of five, while the medium version, measuring 25 by 45 cm, is available in a series of ten. The image is printed on luxurious glossy 250g paper, which is mounted on a Dibond plate. A two-millimetre plexiglass plate is then mounted on top of the print to magnify the colours and for protection. The Diasec finish, combined with the glossy paper and plexiglass plate, provides robust durability, allowing you to enjoy this majestic artwork for years to come.

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