The story

Who am I

Hi there!

I'm Kaj Sennelöv, born and raised in Belgium and the creative behind Kaj on the Wall. 

With Scandinavian roots, it is natural to love the outdoors. Whether it is a calm walk in the forest or a full-on camping trip in the mountains, I am always up for an adventure in the outdoors. Being surrounded by wilderness gives me energy. 

Perhaps due to the Scandinavian blood flowing through my veins or my upbringing, design has always been a huge passion of mine. I have a wide range of interests that span from the simplicity of Scandinavian design to more complex mathematical definitions behind computational Voronoi structures.

What I do

Having studied industrial design and digital management, I breathe and dream creativity. The urge to design things and arouse feelings is strong. 

In my day to day life, I am thinkering about design and creative ways to improve processes in the digital industry. When I am not at the office, I pursue that creativeness in photography, particularly focussing on the great outdoors and nature.

My photography

Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine. Every time I have had a camera in my hands, I enjoyed the simple act of using it to freeze time with it. Around 2010 I purchased my own digital camera and took it with me everywhere I went. The number of pictures grew exponential until I invested in an analogue camera. This "new" technique forced me to be more considerate of the feeling I wanted to convey before taking a photograph, as checking the final image was only possible a few weeks later.

Nonetheless, my primary camera is still a digital one. As I am still learning analogue photography, digital photography enables me to take more qualitative images. With the digital camera, there are also more possibilities for expanding creativity both while capturing the photograph and post-processing on the computer.

Why Kaj on the Wall

Kaj on the Wall was created for two reasons. Firstly to share the moments of bliss and what it feels like being in the places I visited. By hanging a Kaj on the Wall, I hope to convey the sensations experienced when I was at the location of the photograph.

Secondly, the feeling of seeing your photographs printed instead of on a screen is astonishing. Getting this feeling every time a print has passed through my hands while making other people happy with their new art piece seemed like the perfect combination.

And to be honest, if this could enable future photography adventures, I would do a little happy dance.

What's on Kaj on the Wall

All prints have one or more series. Each series has its defined finish, size and a maximum number of copies. When a series has reached its maximum amount of copies, it will never be published again in that combination of size and finish.


Kaj, from Kaj on the Wall, sitting on a chair
© Sacha Kleinblatt