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Ando Verpia

Ando Verpia

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Some time ago, when travelling was highly restricted, I got an opportunity to see my hometown, Antwerp, from a unique point of view. From a location many photographers dream of, I captured the sunset over the city, including many parts of it you usually only see together on a map.

Ando Verpia is a bespoke print in an exclusive collection limited to five editions. For every edition, the material of the frame can be chosen from seven high-quality finishes. The panorama is printed on Fuji DPII Gloss Silver Paper 250mg©, which is mounted on aluminum Dibond and protected by a matte Plexi plate which also limits the reflections by nearby light sources.
The print itself is 180 by 60 cm wide the frame itself adds another 4 cm on every side, making the work's total size 188 centimetres wide by 68 centimetres high.

2020 - Antwerp

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